Re: Help Me Understand User Accounts

Hi JD: Go into control panels, select user accounts, create a new "limited"
user account without a password, log off and log back in with that will still have access to any applications that you may have
installed, as long as they were installed in such a way that all users could
access them (which is usually the default).

Anything you downloaded as the "owner" user, or icons that were on the
desktop, will likely no longer be accessible, unless you downloaded to a
directory outside of "my documents". Any documents you created that were in
"My Documents" will not be accessible either. Any "favorites" you saved in
internet explorer will also not be accessible.

To gain access to the "My Documents" files, log back in as the owner, and
either copy or move the documents and files you want to have access to
someplace outside of "my documents" "c:\common" or some folder like
that. When you log off and log back in as the limited user you'll be able to
access them from there.

Each user account's preferences and settings are stored in a hidden folder,
which you can access in Windows Explorer by changing the "folder options -->
view" to "show hidden files and folders". Once you have exposed the hidden
folders, you can navigate to "documents and settings --> [user name] -->
favorites" and copy/paste the favorites into the same location for the
limited user, and all your internet explorer favorites will be saved as

If you're using Outlook Express for email, and want access to all your
existing email, you'll need to set up a new email account (under the new
limited user account) the same as you had before, and then (shut down
Outlook Express first!) copy/paste everything from "documents and
settings --> [user name] --> local settings --> Identities --> [long
alphanumeric string] --> microsoft --> Outlook Express" to the same place
under the new user account.



"JD" <Erehwon@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Here's what I read in a recent letter from MS:
"Limited User accounts can protect your Windows XP computer when you
browse the Web. If you work in a Limited User account, you might be able
to decrease the effect of a virus or other malicious software. But if the
attack happens while you're in an Administrator account, the attacker can
gain full access to your computer and the results can range from annoying
to catastrophic. Administrator accounts are the default type of account
for Windows XP.
A Limited User account lets you use most of the capabilities of the
computer, but only an Administrator can make changes that affect other
users of the computer. For example, in a Limited User account, you can
. Web browsers and e-mail programs
. Productivity programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and
Microsoft PowerPoint
. Entertainment programs that let you play music and video, edit
photographs, and much more
Note: You can also create a Guest account, which has most of the functions
of a Limited User account but it is not password-protected, so a guest
user can quickly log on and off again to perform simple tasks, such as
checking e-mail or browsing the Internet."

I wrote earlier that we were using the Administrator account. I stand
corrected. We are using the default "Owner" account. But it has
administrator rights.
I take it that I should create a "limited user" account for everyday
purposes. Then switch to the existing "Owner" account to perform periodic
tune-up functions--virus scans, disk cleanup, defrag, etc. Is that
How do I create such an account? Can I decide what functions I wish to
allow to this account? Is the Guest account a "limited user" account?

"JD" <Erehwon@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My wife and I have been using the default Administrator account, without
a password, for years. I've been advised to create a "user account," and
only log on as administrator to do weekly maintenance chores.
If I were to create a user account and call it "Family," would it have a
blank desktop? Would we be able to download music files? Access all of
our existing files?
Use Outlook Express to send and recieve e-mail? Access the Internet--and
save Favorites?
I'm unsure of how to proceed. Place a password on the Administrator
account? Ditto on any new user accounts created?
What about the default Guest account? My stepson visits several times a
year and uses the computer for many hours. If he were to use the Guest
account, would he be able to recieve and send documents as e-mail
attachements. Save documents to the hard drive? Access the Internet?
My wife sometimes lets her students use the computer. How would I go
about "restricting" access to Internet sites for them, but not for us?


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