Re: unable to login on WindowsXP Home Edition

pedrolets@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

i have a problem with my laptop: it couldn't load the operating system
because of viruses, i then went to safe mode and installed a trojan
remover and i was able to remove atleast most of the viruses. after
that, i restarted the machine and i was able to install a sysmantec
anti-virus and restarted the machine again. now i can't login , can't
login on the safe mode as a normal user and as an administrator. i
tried loading the last known working configuration stil the not

what it does now: when you click to login it pretends to load the
settings and immediately start loggin off !

please help! i have important information in it!

Pull the data you forgot to have backed up off by one of the following
methods and then do a clean install of Windows. Your computer is not clean
and the system is probably too damaged to fix at this point. Make sure you
scan the saved data with a current version antivirus using updated
definitions before you copy it onto your clean Windows install.

1. Pull the drive and slave it in a computer running a working install of
XP/Vista. Depending on the target drive's characteristics, you may need a
drive adapter; i.e., laptop-to-IDE or a SATA controller card, etc. A
usb/firewire external drive enclosure works very well, too. Use the working
Windows Explorer to copy the data to the rescue system's hard drive and
then burn the data to cd or dvd.

2. Often XP/Vista will not boot with a slaved drive that has a damaged file
system. In that case, boot the target computer with either a Bart's PE or a
Linux live cd such as Knoppix and retrieve the data that way. Here is
general information on using Knoppix for this:

You will need a computer with two cd drives, one of which is a cd/dvd-rw OR
a usb thumb drive with enough capacity to hold your data OR an external
usb/firewire hard drive formatted FAT32 (not NTFS). To get Knoppix, you
need a computer with a fast Internet connection and third-party burning
software. Download the Knoppix .iso and create your bootable cd. Then boot
with it and it will be able to see the Windows files. If you are using the
usb thumb drive or the external hard drive, right-click on its icon (on the
Desktop) to get its properties and uncheck the box that says "Read Only".
Then click on it to open it. Note that the default mouse action in the
window manager used by Knoppix (KDE) is a single click to open instead of
the traditional MS Windows' double-click. If you want to burn CD/DVDs, use
the K3b program. - Bart's PE Builder - Clean Install How-To - What
you will need on-hand

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