Re: group policy preventing much internet access

D1pharmacist@xxxxxxx wrote:
Dennis, I have internet access but, certain servers I should say such as lime
wire and even my avg anti virus for an exemple, I get a message saying there
is a firewall blocking connection or a loopback in my system. I have tried to
setup my windows firewall but it tells me certain options and being controled
by Group policy and that my windows firewall is off! Does that help? thanks

"Dennis Dow" wrote:

D1pharmacist@xxxxxxx wrote:
How do I turn off group policy and windows firewall on so I can access the
necessary web sites I need to.I'm the solo user on my pc. thanks
Default Windows firewall and group policy won't keep you from getting to
the Internet unless you are on a corporate lan. If you are on a
corporate LAN, talk to your IT guys. If its a home machine, let us know
more information so we can help.


To be honest, if you have limewire on the network, I wouldn't trust any
machine on the LAN. Time to nuke 'em and begin again.


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