Re: How to encrypt 2 files so can't be read

To expand on the first reply.

The XP encryption is tied to the user account. Not the user name, not the
user password, but the account itself.

If XP has to be re-installed, even if you create the same user with the same
password, all XP-encrypted files will be UN-readable.

That is the importance of saving the "EFS certificate". With it you have a
chance of reading the files. Without it you don't.

The third-party encryption tools mentioned in the other replies have a more
traditional password system, and are not tied to the user account. They
offer strong encryption, if you really feel that you need that (sort of CIA
level), as opposed to casual encryption (to keep kids out). But, as with
any password based system, you need to pick a password that is (1) fairly
long, (2) not something obvious like your name, birthdate, etc, (3)
something you can remember, or feel comfortable writing down somewhere that
you can find later.

A possible alternative to encryption is to save the files on removeable
media (e.g., USB stick) and hide/lock that away.

Remember, the best approach to security depends on whom are trying to
prevent accessing the files.

"Berol" <Berol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Using XP professional and my only hard drive is formated with the NTFS
volumn. Please explain, step by step, how to encrypt 2 files so only I
have access. Do I need to start with entering my system with a password.
Would preferr not to have to do this as I am the only user and am only
encrypting 2 files. Is XP professional the best program to do this with
is there another that would greatly increase the unlikelyhood of these
being hacked by someone?