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why am i not surprised that this newsgroup is not firefox friendly?

You wouldn't use Firefox to access a *newsgroup* - it's a web
browser. Thunderbird is a newsreader. Don't use the crummy web
interface to access these groups at all and you'll be a lot happier.
See below.

I tried to reply to this thread in firefox and got nowhere. So here
I am in ie7 hoping I don't get the dreaded 'needs to close
encountered problem' treatment

Anyway, the 'process explorer' app

My apologies - I was in autopilot mode...sorry! It was a lot eaiser
to remember the product names before Sysinternals was absorbed into
the collective. It's actually Process *Monitor* -

I don't see anything there that will allow the user to run the

Download it and run it as I suggested, find where it fails, and manually
change the permissions.

doesn't look like it will solve
anything for me. And if I need to edit registries and write code
for the OS, I'm not going to be able to do it.

Ain't no code to write. However, you will indeed need to edit the
registry and you will indeed need to edit some NTFS permissions in
the file system.

I'll spend some time looking at the registry edit tutorials and NTFS

Why can't limited accounts and guest accounts run software I
install at the admin level?

Because the people who wrote the software are lazy eedjits? What do
the developers say when you ask them? If their answer is "Make the
users admins" then tell them to go pound sand.

If I could find the link to inform the devs, then I would. It's not

Right, because this is *not* *Microsoft*. It's your third party software I've now stated three times :)

When I go there it leads to some crazy place to
up for some online seminars or something

If they can't install their own programs and can't run programs
installed in admin, then what good are limited and guests accounts?

There should be no"guest" enabled if you value your security, and
Limited User means just that - they *shouldn't* be installing
software, etc.

You're right I shouldn't allow them to install software. I didn't
know that enabling the guest would compromise security. I'll change


Limited users should be able to *run* programs you installed as an

Still looking for a way to do it.

See above - I've already explained what you'll need to do.

I can run MS office apps and ie7 and firefox and those things, but
when I try to run a game or 3d party software, I get the 'can't
write to so and so' message.

See "eedjit" comment above.

I'm no computer programmer or IT guy, but i'd really like to use the
limited and guest accounts. Is there an 'easy' way to make it work
besides editing registries and writing code for xp media center?

Again, there's no code to write - and check out the correct
Sysinternals tool I mentioned above. Sorry for the confusion; I was

The tool looks cool and all but I don't have the skills to understand
to do after I see all the data.

Sorry, I don't know how to help further.

Re your access to the groups:

Try using a news client, such as Forte Agent, Thunderbird, or even
Outlook Express, rather than the pretty clunky web interface to the
newsgroups. It's a lot easier to do nearly everything that way. You
can mark messages to be watched, filter the views so you can see
replies to your posts easily, and search.

The Microsoft public news server is and you can
subscribe to as many groups as you like; no authentication is

The following is from a post by MVP Malke ...

Here's information on Usenet and using a newsreader: - a brief
explanation of newsgroups
- Set Up Newsreader - list of MS newsgroups - MS group to test if your newsreader is
working properly - how to munge email address - multiposting vs.

Some newsreaders for Windows - for Forte (Thunderbird does newsgroups)


I know I'm a n00b in the newsgroups. I don't have the desire right
now to
go any deaper.

Your call.