Re: Group Policy Editor

"Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]" wrote:

Not sure what you searched for in Help & Support - even *outside* of MCE,
this would not be a group policy issue. If you google for "limited user"
application error <etc> you will find a lot.

You ought to be complaining to the doofuses who wrote the third party
applications which your end users cannot run. :-)

Thanks for clarifying that sysinternal app. I'll look into that later.
I'll try to walk through the 'Help and Support' on the start menu

Open Help and Support
Pick a Help topic -- System administration
Security and administration tools
Overviews, articles, and tutorials -- Using Group Policy

"In an environment where you have one stand-alone computer or several
computers joined in a workgroup, you can still use Group Policy to customize
your computer.

To open Group Policy

Click Start, and then click Run.
Type gpedit.msc and then click OK.
When Group Policy opens, you will see two options in Local Computer Policy:
Computer Configuration and User Configuration. Computer Configuration allows
you to set policies that apply to your computer, regardless of who logs on.
User Configuration allows you to set policies that apply to each user who
logs on to the computer."

" To open the Software Installation snap-in
Open the Group Policy snap-in.
To assign software applications to computers, in the console tree
double-click Computer Configuration. To assign or publish software
applications to users, in the console tree double-click User Configuration.
Double-click Software Settings, and then click Software installation.

policy name Policy
Computer Configuration (or User Configuration)
Software Settings
Software installation"

And at the part where I get to 'Software Installation' it's not there.
I open up the Software Settings Folder and it's empty. It's a dead end.
Nothing to do in the 'Software Settings Folder'

I gotta run. I'll look at the process thing after work.

Thanks again Lanwench