Re: Group Policy Editor

ed black <ed black@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I run xp media center and the user accounts can't run installed
programs. I went to the group policy editor in an admin account and
clicked the user configuration,software configuration and there is no
software installation node like the help files say there is. I don't
want to let guests run in an admin account. And I want to run
programs that access the web from a limited account for internet
security purposes.

What can I do to allow user groups to access software programs?

I'm presuming you don't mean *all* installed programs, surely. If so,
someone has mucked with things very badly and you may have a reinstall in
your future.

If you mean *some* programs - group policy isn't where you do stuff like
this, especially as you aren't on a domain. Don't do anything in there.

Instead, you need to find out what permissions the specific problem apps is
expecting (in the registry and file system) and change the permissions

Google for "Process Explorer" - a Sysinternals tool now owned by MS - and
see whether it helps you identify the locations. Log in as an admin, but
launch Process Explorer using runas & specify an admin account - then try to
launch the app.

Oh - and don't forget to complain to the product developers about their
sloppy code. Users should not need admin rights to run desktop software.