RE: Microsoft Vulnerablities Scan

"jocelynnrenee" wrote:

I have been receiving the same VBS_DAVINIA.A vulnerability warning from
Trend 2007 on my Windows XP 2003. I just downloaded Trend 2008 & I'm still
receiving the same warning even after repeatedly checking for Microsoft
updates. Has anyone come up with a solution yet?

"JustMe" wrote:

"Thomas" wrote:

Hi, Dear MSFT folks,
I believe this is common problem for those who bought Trend Micro product
(including myslef). Is there anyway you can try it out yourself (the
product) to find out this MSFT problem or simply contact Trend Micro to
resolve this issue. Please let us know howto solve the problem soon.

Best regards,

"Ari" wrote:

I am also getting these alerts. Has anyone come up with any suggestions?



"Lyci" wrote:

I too use Trend Micro PC-Cillin and Windows XP. I am getting the same two
alerts. I have had no luck in figuring it out. Please let me know if you
find anything helpful.


"Elizabeth_H_2007" wrote:

Hello again,
Sorry for my confusion. As I don't know what 'ping' means, how about if you
contact me at elizabeth underscore H underscore at hotmail dot com

Thanks again for your assistance.

"nass" wrote:

"Elizabeth_H_2007" wrote:

Hi Nass,

To answer some of your questions:
1 - XP Home
2- I have Word 2000 and Works 2005
3- Cable connection
4- I have been receiving these 2 issues as warnings for quite some time now.
Each time, I went to Microsoft's website for updates and thought it would be
resolved. But they continued to appear and I just dismissed them until
recently. I do not recall any particular thing being done before receiving
these msgs. I hadn't copied anything from Outlook, etc.
5- Pokerstars, Camedia Olympus Camera software, HP Officejet Printer
software, some games (that I don't play) that came loaded on my PC when it
was built for me in 2005. Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Works. Not sure if this is
what you meant (sorry, not very computer literate).

As I only use Outlook or Hotmail, I'll attach the log here. I'm not sure
what you meant by using a Web based email.

Please e-mail from either outlook or Hotmail. I meant by web based e-mail is
like accessing your e-mail account on the web/IE browser, not with a client
like Outlook/express, thunderbird..etc.

to_you_ross at
This Microsoft Windows secuirty Newsgroup not Hijackthis Forums, so
analysing the log here not appropriate.
Just send me a ping with the subject in the header, I copied your log and
will have a look at it and see what we can do.
I have been dealing with this also. I have been in contact with Trend and
they had me do several things including downloading their cleaner and the
hijackthis and nothing has worked. I am still trying to resolve this and will
let you know if I find a solution...if I can find this place

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