Re: All processes with blank user name in Window Task Manager

On Jan 11, 10:06 pm, Hlee411 <Hlee...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Thanks. It works.

"Devil_Himself" wrote:
Why is the Task Manager "Users" tab empty?

"Hlee411" wrote:

Hi All,

I just found this problem. When I brought up the window task manager and
click processes tab, the User name column are all blanks...If I remember
correctly, there should be SYSTEM, LOCAL_NETWORK and my user name ...etc
which represent the owner of the process. But this morning they are all
blanks. ???

I click Users tab in the window task manager and I did not see myself.

I use the system restore to restore to an earlier restore point (before
xmas), but it still the same.

Am I being hacked? or something? please advice.

I'm using xp Home Edition version 2002 SP2.

Glad You Got It Fixed :)