Re: Virus Software and GPO

From: "tmish" <tmish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Our McAfee Virus software cannot be installed on some of our machines
| automatically because the workstation admin$ share is only allowing guest to
| access it.
| I have changed the Group Policies to: Network Access: Sharing and security
| model for local accounts - "Classic - local users authenticate as themselves"
| This has worked on some of the machines but, not all of them. Is there
| another setting that may be causing this?
| The GPO is being handed out via Novell Zenworks. The users in this senario
| have Administrative rights to the local machine. We do not use the XP
| Firewall.
| I would appreciate any suggestions.
| Thanks,
| TJ

Guest account should NOT access the admin$, c$ or other administrative shares.
If the Guest account (which SHOULD be disabled on a Domain) has elevated privileges then
that affected platforms may already be infected with a SDBot, GAOBot or other BOT type worm.

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