HELP problem wit EXPLORA.exe

Good morning,
when I access the pc with " limited " consumer the following error he
introduces: Failed to set data for "SaveZoneInformation"
I have verified that if I start the pc without is launched " ESPLORA" in the
menù of start of MSCONFIG this problem doesn't exist.
Do you know me to say which the problem is.?
"Win xp sp2 internet explorer 7"

Answered MPV:
You open regedit, it looks for the key
and sect the key SaveZoneInformation = 2

I have done as you/he/she has been me said, but the problem
she is not resolved.

After having planned the consumer "limited" in "administrator" for power
to modify the value of the key to 2 and bringing him/it in "limited" the
it stays correct but me from still error.
Then happens that if imposes to 2 the value of the key in the consumer
"administrator" when I restart the system I find again him/it planned to 1.
I don't know if I have been enough clear, but on the pc there are two
consumers one with rights of administrator and the other without.
I have noticed that when I change the rights of the limited consumer in
the problem didn't even exist before modifying the value of the key.
PS. does the value have to be 2 for both or 00000002?
Which is the correct syntax for this key?

Because of the found problem, to correct him/it
I have realized that if I try to modify a voice of the register, when
I restart the pc it reappears the key that I had previously removed, because
seem me correct.
The key is the following:
(gives). zip;. rar;. nfo;. exe;. bat;. com;. cmd etc.
Also SaveZoneInformation reg_sz 00000001 if I modify it in 00000002 when I
restart she returns 00000001.

I have followed the instructions of the kb/883260, but I have not resolved
the problem.
If kindly someone can help me I thank it.

Thanks for the help


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