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thanks, what about files, email identities, messages, etc.?

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When I got my new laptop with XP (1st time user) I used the Administrator act
to create all my email acts, move in all my files from my old machine,
customize look and feel, etc.

Then I was trying to get the computer to see another one on my LAN, and was
advised to create the same user acts on both machines - so I tried that,
creating an account called "User" that had adminstrator privledges. Now,
after restarting my machine, the only log in choice is "User", but all my
files, identities, email set ups, etc are still in the Administrator act.

So how do I get logged back on to the original Administrator account?

While logged on to the User account, go to the Start menu and click Log Off.
Click on Log Off.
This should bring you to the Welcome screen.
Hit the Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination twice which should bring up the Logon
to Windows dialog.
Enter Administrator in the User Name box and the appropriate password if one

Note: You can also go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Change the way users
log on or off to disable the Welcome Screen. This will make the Logon to Windows
dialog available from the Start menu -> Log Off.

To copy the profile of the Administrator account into your new User account you
need to create a third account which is a Computer Administrator. Log on to this
new account and follow the procedure outlined in the following articles. After
completing the procedure, you can delete the extra admin account.

How do I copy a user profile in Windows XP?

To copy a user profile

Good luck



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