Re: system administrator hi-jacked

tried the last fix to get to control panel. still can do nothing. tired to
open properties I keep getting the same message
This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this
computer, Please contact your system administrator

"Shenan Stanley" wrote:

csxfire wrote:
I am restricted from my own computer. can not get in even in safe
mode. must be a virus of some kind. no programs seem to be able to
find it no control panel even in safe mode

Shenan Stanley wrote:
Thanks for letting us know.
Did you wish to ask something?
If so - please give more details.

csxfire wrote:
how do I get control back, every time I try to make a change, I get
a message to contact the system admin.

Shenan Stanley wrote:
Seriously... "more details".

What Operating System are you running (Windows XP is assumed - Home,
Professional, Media Center, TabletPC, x64 is *not*.)?
What patch level (SP2 at least?)
How did you get to this point?
What have you tried?
When you did safe mode - did you log in (try to) as the username
If XP Professional - what happens when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice
at the welcome screen and enter 'administrator' as the username?

csxfire wrote:
this happened will I was trying to get ride of spyware add Smitfraud

using Windows XP is assumed - Home
sp2 installed
tried to delete virus
in safe mode logged in as admin. no control panel icon show up

Shenan Stanley wrote:
In safe mode...
Start button --> RUN --> control userpasswords2 --> OK

That should allow you to verify/add users and the group(s) those
users may be in.


Copy that text to a text file, save it as controlpanelrestrictionrestore.reg
and merge it (double-click and answer yes) into your registry.

Shenan Stanley
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