Re: Offline files oddity

I found some answers to my qustion and thought I would close my own question... states

"When you add files to the Offline Files folder, these files are
synchronized whenever the computer connects to the network. Synchronization
occurs when the computer connects to the network, not when a user logs on to
the computer."

I was with you Steve thinking it was per user not the whole PC until i saw
this happen. At least I know it is just behavior MS does not bother to tell
you outright. :) Thanks.
"Steven L Umbach" wrote:

I have only seen offline files synch for the actual domain user logging on
or off and not all user accounts on a domain computer. See if the user can
take ownership of the file in question to see if that fixes the problem
though I am not sure why they would not be the owner unless another user
moved a file to their My Documents folder. I have also seen that database
files usually will not work with offline files - in particular .pst or
Access. Folder Redirection should only try to synch a users local My
Documents to their My Documents folder on the server.


"MrMako" <MrMako@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
We are redirecting the My Documents folder to a server hosting home
Everything works fine with the exception of this: every once in awhile a
complains that synchronization failed. My first thought it they have a
restricted file that is not allowed to offline in their My Docs or
corrupted in the offline cache. When you go to look at the error it is
actually trying to sync a file owned by another user.

I believe that all offline files, not just those of the currently logged
one, sync UP to the server at logoff. That is fine, but what I cannot
out is:
1) Why does it try to sync these files when they have not changed on the
laptop? Even if they changed on the server that version would be newer and
do not think the offline cache syncs downward beyond the logged on user.
2) Is it trying to sync UserA's document with UserA's folder or UserA's
with UserB's folder?
It is easy to fix, but I am trying to figure out why it occurs in the