Re: Anti-virus, anti-spyware freezing in Win XP

On Oct 29, 8:07 pm, Munchausen <Munchau...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Presently, I'm running,
which hasn't given me any results yet. But BitDefender, which I'm also
running, discovered, tried to repair but then deleted a Trojan called
"BehavesLike:BAT.Gen." It's still running so it might find more Trojans,

Symantec Security Check has detected one "threat," but until it's finished
with its "deep scan," I won't be able to read or see the results.

When I get results, I'll pass them along.

Maybe, together, we can straighten this mess out.

"Finlaymacl...@xxxxxxxxxxx" wrote:

ran Avira overnight and it freezes when coming to C:\System Volume
Information\tracking.log ... It claims to run rootkit checks before
starting the virus check.

I wasn't using System Restore and had already turned it off before I
had these problems.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Hi, back after a name change, hopefully my email address will no
longer be up on the internet. I wonder if "report inappropriate
content" will delete the posts with my email address. I tried Kapersky
before, and it got stuck on tracking.log. I use ZoneAlarm as my
evryday virus checker, it was sticking there too, and ZA uses the
Kapersky engine, so not surprising that if one gets stuck the other
does too.

I'll try BitDefender overnight