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I just configured a student XP machine with a generic 'User'
student account
and set it up so that they click on a 'student' icon (without
password) to
login. These are standalone PCs that aren't on a
domain...rather set to
'WORKGROUP'. For some odd reason, the Administrator icon
shows up on the
login screen along with the student account icon. It is
password protected so
that I'm fine with. Yes I want the student account icon there
but not the
Admin account. So my question is, I thought that the
Administrator account
(icon) never showed up on the login screen if the computer
wasn't a part of a
domain. It doens't harm the Admin account when they click on
it because the
students don't have that password. Do I need to delete any
other Admin
enabled accounts in XP? But how do you disable the Admin
account (icon) from
show up AT ALL.

I'm guessing that the User account is a limited account and is
the only account you've created on an XP Pro system. If the
Administrator account is the only member of the administrators
group on that computer, it will cease to be hidden. That would
account for it being visible on the Welcome Screen. Here's a
script which should help you put it back in hiding.

Courtesy of Doug Knox, MS-MVP
Hide user accounts on Welcome Screen

You can also use the registry editing advice in this article
except change the value to 0.

Courtesy of Ramesh Srinivasan, MS-MVP
How to login as Administrator in Windows XP?

I'd also suggest you create another account that's a member of
the administrators group. You can hide that account as well.
The built-in Administrator account should be reserved only for

Good luck