Re: GINA for Smart Card logon

Are you trying to control what happens when people remove their smart cards after logging on? We've already got group policy for that:

Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Local Policies | Security Options |
Interactive logon: Smart card removal behavior = No action, Lock workstation, or Force logoff

Steve Riley

"dxulee" <dxulee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:B88C7298-BCBF-467D-AE04-D4458393C124@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You are right. But Windows XP will exist for a long time.So my company need
to support it.
Winlogon supports smartcards.But how can I receive WLX_SAS_TYPE_SC_REMOVE
in the funtion WlxLoggedOnSAS.When I remove smart cards, Winlogon does not
response to the action.

"Steve Riley [MSFT]" wrote:

Winlogon already supports smartcards. Why are you writing a new GINA? And
you do know the GINA is gone in Windows Vista/Server 2008, right?

Steve Riley

"dxulee" <dxulee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Recently, I am writing a GINA for Smart Card logon.But I have a > problem.
> First, I installed PC/SC driver and invoked a function in > WlxInitialize
> like this
> WlxSetOption(g_hWlx, WLX_OPTION_USE_SMART_CARD, 1, NULL);When I remove > the
> smart card,winlogon looks as if it can not receive the
> event.I do not known why. I think windows should send this message to
> winlogon.At last, I create a thread and try to get the message
> WM_DEVICECHANGE. If it occurs, I will invoke the funtion > WlxSasNotify.So I
> can receive the WLX_SAS_TYPE_SC_REMOVE event.But there is another
> problem.My
> computer may stop at the winlogon desktop and the default desktop may > be
> hidden.
> Who can give me some solution or suggestion ? And my os is windows xp > sp2
> Thanks very much.


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