anke wrote:
Hello Malke,
Yes, I think you are right,... probably the best solution just to have it all cleaned up. I was told in the process of getting rid of the many and various viruses, that bits of older anti-virus products were still running in the system which caused the newer products not to work properly....which I found strange since those particular bits were over three years old, but nevermind.
Every virus leaves its mark, whether big or what with the collection that has built up over the more than three years...
After the sytem is all shiny and fresh, is it it just a matter of updating my current anti virus/antispyware/anti malware/firewall product regularily (I'm using the AVG currently)? Or do you suggest also adding, or doing, extra stuff?
Thanks again for your help!

I personally prefer Avast to AVG, but NOD32 and Kaspersky are really good if you don't mind paying. Stay away from Norton and McAfee. I think the Windows Firewall is fine for most people and I use the free Ad-aware and Spybot Search & Destroy programs on my Windows machines. The most important part of security is the user - practicing "Safe Hex".

Safe Hex: - So How Did I Get Infected Anyway? - The Parasite Fight - MVP Harry Waldron - The Family PC - How to stay safe on the Internet - Eric Howes on Rogue Antispyware Programs

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