Re: security center won't start

On Aug 1, 10:02 am, "Maincat" <st...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Do you run any Norton AV or Internet Security software? I'm betting you do.
Let us know.

I'm not the original poster but I have the same problem on one XP SP2
machine- and yes, it started after installing NAV2007.

For one thing, I can't restart the security center service through the
'services' panel. I've noticed that the path name is completely
screwed up to look like this:

\SystemRoot\C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs

I've installed NAV2007 on other similar computers that were configured
to *not* alert to Windows updates whereas the one I'm on was so
configured. I suspect that has something to do with why this
particular machine is fubared and I'm able to at least manually start
the security center on the other ones. Spybot will even do the repair.
What ticks me off is that Norton disables the security center on each
restart - unlike NAV2006 where at least I was able to disable the
Norton protection center and permanently set the Windows security
center to 'automatic'.

I keep hoping Microsoft releases a fix at some point to protect its
security center from the malware-like behaviour of Norton.