Re: Cannot access my private folder...

See Help and Support and search for "take ownership"

HOW TO: Take Ownership of a File or Folder in Windows XP

Note: You need to go into Folder Options, View and scroll down. Uncheck Use simple file sharing in order to see the Security tab.
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"ola_atb" <olaatb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:01887F27-FBEF-46FF-938D-515C1A7976A6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello all,

I had 2 different desktops; a Sony Vaio and a Dell Dimension 2350. Both had
Windows XP Professional on them. To cut the long story short, the motherboard
for my Dell died on me and instead of buying another one, decided to just
move the harddisk into the Sony Vaio.

I had made my files private in the Dell, and now, I do not have access to my
files even though the username and password were the same prior to the dell
giving up.

Is there a way that I can gain access to my information again? Please note
that the harddisk from the Dell is now the F Drive in my Sony, and my
username as the system owner is the same as what I had on the Dell.

Thanks in advance.

An Avvid Student


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