Re: Restore default registry permissions

How to reset security settings back to the defaults:


Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Shell/User]
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"Ian" <Ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ABDE6831-4F43-47B9-A59D-96CBDF6980F4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
As is well-documented elsewhere, I'm finding that the install of Acrobat
(Reader) 8.1 messes-up the registry permissions.

In particular it creates keys in the root classes which have inheritance
blocked, and which as a result cannot be modified/deleted even by an
Administrator. It may do other damage; in fact it's hard to tell for sure
what the extent of the damage is. Because of this I'm reluctant to go for the
quick-and-dirty fix of forcing a reset of permissions on the HKCR tree. I
want to be sure the damage is fully repaired and won't give rise to other
side-effects later.

Question: Is there a MS tool or procedure to restore the
registry-permissions back to their standard values, so we can be sure that
all damage has been corrected?