Re: Trojan Horse - HELP!

From: "Brettster" <brett.bayne@xxxxxxxxx>

| Got this during a scan of my computer:
| infected: object C:\hp\bin\python-2.2.3.exe:\comparisons.html
| result: trojan horse PHP/MPack.B
| status: infected embedded object
| inefected: object C:\hp\bin\python-2.2.3.exe
| What can/should I do about this?
| Thanks for your help.
| Brett

Most likely a False Positive.

Please submit a sample to Virus Total --
The submission will then be tested against many different AV vendor's scanners.
That will give you an idea what it is and who recognizes it. In addition, unless told
otherwise, Virus Total will provide the sample to all participating vendors.

You can also submit a suspect, one at a time, via the following email URL...

When you get the report, please post back the exact results.