Re: packet sniffer for outgoing packets on local machine ?

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is there a good way to monitor incoming and, more importantly, outgoing
packets from a local WinXP/sp2 machine ? would a packet sniffer be the best
way to do this - and, if so, which one ? for some reason, one machine has
been running very slow and when clicking on LAN Status there is a
suspiciously large amount of packets being sent and received - even though
there is no interaction being done with the OS and no programs that are known
to be running in the backround. and running the Netstat command does not
show any suspicious active or established connections but just a single
connection to the network server. monitoring the network filewall does not
show any outgoing SMTP connections that might be indicative of a zombie
either. TIA for any help on this one ...

Some packet sniffers:
Nirsoft's SmartSniff (
Ethereal (

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