Re: Manually removing adware

It doesn't seem that spybot is free. It will identify spyware but you need
to pay to have it remove it.

I can not find the newsgroup. I have 2
news servers - one from my ISP and MSNEWS.MICROSOFT.COM - Actually the one
from my ISP seems to have more microsoft groups than the microsoft one.
Where should I be looking for the group you recommend?


"Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]"
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Ed Smega <smega@xxxxxx> wrote:
I don't want to buy a spyware/adware removal tool. How do you
manually remove adware??


There are many free tools for this - AdAware, Spybot, Windows Defender,
etc. But much depends on the kind of adware/malware you refer to. Try
posting questions such as this in the
group and you should get a lot of help in there.