Re: installing under a non-administrative user

ICTag <ICTag@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've given my kids non-administrative user accounts to prevent them
installing whatever they get their hands on. (win xp pro sp2)

I installed some programs after logging on to one of their accounts
(giving my admin userid and password when prompted) using the install
wizard and a message appeared saying installation was completed.
However, the program menu only shows 'uninstall' and not the program

When I navigate to the exe program in the program file directory to
start it manually (or create a shortcut) it won't work either.

The weird thing is that when I log on to my admin account I find an
icon created on my admin desktop and this executes the program.

Do really I have to let the kids log on to my admin account when they
want to play a game?

I'm simply not on the same wavelength as Microsoft on this one and I
can't find any online help on this either.

Any ideas?


This isn't really a Microsoft problem - it's a problem with the software
you're trying to run. This is not uncommon with children's software,
although certainly not exclusive to that category. The first thing I'd do is
contact the developers and complain loudly - there's really no excuse for
this kind of sloppy code nowadays.

As Shenan has already given you a lot of good advice, all I can add is that
both FileMon and RegMon have been replaced/superseded by Process Explorer -
this is a Sysinternals tool (free) now available for download from
Microsoft. It can take a little time to figure out, so be patient - but it's
very useful when you're trying to figure out where in the file
system/registry an application expects to have access.