Re: KB930494 - Post installation prevents laptop from entering system standby

Did KB930494 come down via Automatic Updates ?

According to the information here:

KB930494 is for .NET Framework 1.0 on either a Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 or a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

The correct .NET update for .NET 1.0 for XP SP2 is KB928367:

The correct .NET update for .NET 1.1 for XP SP2 is KB928366:

Are these the updates that were also installed ?

FWIW, on my Dell MCE 2005, installed KB928366 and then rebooted, then installed KB930494 with no reboot requested.
Standby still working.

However, I'm beginning to think that something is amiss with the .NET updates. Check out the Windows Update newsgroup :


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mjoshea148@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Update: I restored prior to updates and all was fine. Reinstalled
all but this update and found that the other .NET hotfixes have the
same issue. Restored again - all was fine. Installed all critical
updates except the .NET hotfixes and all is fine.

Something re: .NET hotfixes is interfering w/system standby.

On Jul 12, 6:56 am, mjoshea...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:


Have a Dell Inspiron 9300 running XP2, SP2 with all the latest updates
including those of 7/11/07. The hotfix for .NET 1.0.375 is now
apparently preventing my laptop from entering system standby based on
a system error message as the system attempts to standby (i.e., hotfix
is preventing system from entering standby).

Anyone else seen this? Any suggestions to fix?

I'm working on a relatively clean system build with little fluff.




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