Re: Intrusion attempts from the internet.

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Recently there have been a lot of intrusion attempts on my computer. Norton's firewall has prevented the intrusions. The same IP addresses keep making the attempt over and over again. Is there something I can easily change in my system that will change my identity so that the same intruder will have to find me all over again.

How do you connect to the internet?


Okay, so does your host's network card or port connect directly to the DSL modem? Or is there a router in between? If you have a router even with a simplistic firewall then it will get rid of the unsolicited intrusion attempts (i.e., CPU cycles are wasted at the single-purpose router rather than wasiting CPU cycles on your general-purpose computer).

It is highly likely that those same IP addresses for the source host are not just targeting you. They are scanning a range of IP address so even if you changed the IP address of your computer (or WAN-side of your router) they would still hit you since you will still probably be within their scan range. When you change your IP address, the intruder WILL find you all over again and do so immediately.

So have you reported the intruder to the owner of the IP address (the ISP owns the IP address, not the user)?