Re: WinXP Firewall always turned off on startup!

On 7/2/2007 1:10 PM, MikeyP after much thought,came up with this jewel:
Hello! I recently reformatted my pc and reinstalled WinXP home.
When I restart the computer, a pop up displays that my computer is currently at risk, and there are no firewalls turned on.
If I click on that icon, I can turn the firewall ON (it is not greyed out)

I'm trying to figure out how to get this to stay ON, and not have to enable it after each reboot.
I have no other firewall softwares installed, and to my knowledge, I have no viruses/malware/adware and have scanned in safe mode with multiple adware/malware/virus scanners

Is there a way to "reinstall" the firewall?
I have searched thru the newsgroup, I have tried the NETSH FIREWALL RESET, to no avail.
I have scanned thru the registry and removed mention of windowsfirewall.
Upon reboot, same thing.

I also tried creating a .REG file [hkey_local_machine/software/policies/microsoft/windowsfirewall/standardprofile]

(not exactly as shown above, I copied it from a msg posted by a MVP) What this did was , a brief error message on bootup (the same popup about the firewall), but it quickly dissapeared. When i went to check the status of the firewall in control panel, it was greyed out and a note about group policies preventing me from making changes. Now, it was greyed out on "ON" - does this mean that it is indeed turned on, or that its not functional?

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Install a better firewall.
Sygate Personal Firewall is one(free version)
You would be better off buying a router with a built-in firewall.
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