Re: Error 1084: The service cannot be started in safe mode

Boot to Safe Mode and then check in Device Manager for any problematic entries.
Ensure that Hidden Devices is enabled from View, Show hidden devices.
It *may* be a driver issue if the system is allowed to download and install updates automatically.

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DivTech wrote:


I have a Windows XP Home (Dell Dimension 8400) machine that will not allow dial-up networking to be configured (it is greyed out). I have followed the knowledge base articles on it with no success.

Upon further investigation it appears the I cannot start certain services, giving the 1084 error shown above. So the telephony services are not running hence probably why I cannot setup dial-up.

Now, the machine is NOT in safe mode, (ie it doesn't have the "Safe Mode" lettering around the edges of the screen nor does it warn it is entering "Safe Mode". But it certainly is behaving like it is in safe mode. I can select real "Safe Mode" from the F8 menu (and also the "with Networking" option) and it starts up in a "normal" safe mode with the lettering and warnings.

This problem was resolved about 3 weeks ago by a total reload from scratch and the dialup was working. I'm hoping someone has got some ideas on how to fix this without reloading every few weeks.

I have also checked RAM, HDD and done Virus/Spyware scan, all clean. Removed and added modem drivers. Reloaded SP2. Banged my head against a brick wall. All to no avail.


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