Re: svchost.exe using up 99% CPU

On Mon, 30 Apr 2007 08:06:02 -0700, Christopher wrote:

I am having similar problems; according to task manager, my computer can
sometimes be running svchost.exe six times or more. The users running these
are mostly SYSTEM, but also LOCAL SERVICE and NETWORK SERVICE. These
generally don't take up much of the CPU, but if I am running high-RAM
programs (specifically Google Earth), it tends to take up a fair bit of
memory (one does anyway, the others don't alter). Any ideas?

PS I am running Windows XP Home SP2, and I had a virus in December, and
struggled to remove it as I had an out-of-date version of McAffee Internet
Security installed. I now have Norton Internet Security installed, but I
don't think it is very good, although I can't do much because it is my Mam's
computer. The only "malware" it discovers on my weekly scheduled scan is a
tracing cookie, and I remove this everytime.

NIS is a serious resource pig, it will use a LOT of system resources.

Get a NAT Router (Linksys, D-Link) and use it as your primary blocking
measure, then use the Windows Firewall, then install a Antivirus only
product, your pick.

Download the GREAT Multi-AV tool, install it, update it, then run it in
safe mode - if it says you're system is clean then you're clean.



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