Re: Changing Passwords


Administrator account (or mambers of Administrators group) is a user who
will be administering machine so it has to have full control. It's normal
and logical that 2nd admin can change same things as 1st.

You can try prevent him from open some applets from Control Panel or access
to Control Panel (gpedit.msc -> User configuration -> Control Panel) or
simply change 2nd user from Administrator to Power user.

Marcin Domaslawski

U¿ytkownik "Jake" <Jake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> napisa³ w wiadomo¶ci
Hi, I am running windows xp hoe edition, NTFS, and am an administrator
with one other person who also has an administrator account. I was
if there is any way to prevent someone from changing your password? (I
mind if they can still change it in Command Prompt they're to dumb to
out how to do that.) I don't see the point in having an administrator
where another administrator can change your password and log on as you.
Thanks, any help appeciated.


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