Re: Files inaccessable after reinstall

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rb608 <junkmail608@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
To solve some nagging registry/performance issues, I took a
instrument approach and simply did a reinstall of XP. Mostly
everything turned out fine.

Prior to the reinstall, I had three "Users", one of whom, me,
was the
administrator with password protected access. After the
the two other user files were accessable, but my files under
password protected account are not. They're not gone, I just
get them either through Windows Explorer or even through the
prompt. They clearly exist, but I get a "Access is denied"
when I click on anything associated with that prior admin

I know the password; how can I re-establish access to my
files? (FWIW, when I reinstalled the OS, I chose a different
user name for
the administrator, so the files weren't overwritten.)



You need to disable Simple File Sharing and take ownership of
the files. Take a look at these articles for more info:

How to disable simplified sharing and set permissions on a
shared folder in Windows XP

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP;en-us;308421

"Access is Denied" Error Message When You Try to Open a Folder

Note: If you are running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, you
must start the computer in safe mode, and then log on with an
account that has Administrative rights to have access to the
Security tab. To start in Safe Mode, reboot your computer and
start tapping the F8 key as soon as you see anything displayed
on the screen. Keep hitting F8 until the Advanced Startup
Options menu appears. Use the up and down arrow keys on your
keyboard to select Safe Mode. Hit Enter.

Good luck



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