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teresita <teresita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I want to change the way that I log on to windows.
Presently, when I turn on my computer, I get a dialog box where I
have to type in my Administrator password.

I think you mean, your user account password....

I don't want to have to do
this every time I log into windows. So I went to User Accounts to
make the change, but Windows doesn't recognize me as the

What exactly are you trying? If you don't want to enter a password when you
start up, but always want it to go straight in as your own login account, I
think all you need to do is go back to User Accounts and change the way
users log in (to use the Welcome Screen & Fast User Switching), and then get
rid of your password.

My user account is under my name, not Administrator,
however, I am definately the administrator.

You may be *an* administrator, but you aren't *the* Administrator (built-in
account) if I understand your post correctly -

So I try to change the
name of my user account to Administrtator, but I get a message
telling me that there is another account with that name.

And there is....

But there is
not! if there is, I don't see it anywhere!!

If you're using WinXP Home, you can't see/log in as the built-in
Administrator account unless you've booted into Safe Mode. [If you're using
XP Pro, you can log in as the Administrator if you press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice
at the welcome screen.] But I don't think you need to do that at all - just
remove your password as per the above.

If you aren't currently

All I want is to go straight to windows when I turn on my computer,
and to fix this Administrator confusion. I have scanned my system
for viruses and trojen horses and adware and it is clean.
Any help will be appreciated.

I don't use XP Home, so I may be off base, so corrections are welcome.



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