RE: problems when remote management of all win xp pro sp2 workstations

wanted to clarify my previous post which was a bit to chaotic I think.

First of all we have mixed windows environment including:
a) 2 windows 2003 sp2 x86 servers (all patches applied except for April 3rd
b) 2 windows 2000 sp4 x86 servers (all patches applied except for April 3rd
c) 19 windows xp sp2 (both x86 and x64) workstations with all patches
applied including the April 3rd release
d) 11 windows 2000 sp4 workstations with all patches applied including the
April 3rd release
e) 1 windows me workstation

All our servers are domain controllers and also DNS servers. Our PDC also is
a File server & Print server.

Until April 3rd all components of MMC (or Computer Management COnsole) were
working fine for local and remote connections. There were no recent changes
in firewall policy or other GPO changes.

NEW: in my previous post I made a mistake saying that windows 2000
workstations were not affected by remote MMC component problem. In fact they
ARE as well as all Windows XP family workstations.

Currently the only workstation (Windows XP Pro SP2 x86) that I could connect
to using remote MMC components is the one that applied the most recent
critical security patch from April 3rd, but was not rebooted yet. ALL others
were unfortunately rebooted since applying KB925902 and therefore they refuse
remote connections for following MMC components:
a) event viewer
b) device manager
c) performance logs and alerts
d) rest, e.g. Disk Management, Shared Folders, Services still work fine with
no errors.

Moreover uninstalling the patch KB925902 from workstation DOES NOT solve the
problem. Please advise.

"feniks" wrote:

After installing KB925902 on all windows 2000 / xp workstations in our
network remote management via computer management, it reveals problems when

managing all win xp sp2 workstations from any computer.

Computer Management - Connect to another computer: (select any Windows XP
SP2 x86 or x64 based machine that has KB925902 applied):

- Event Viewer - "Unable to connect to the computer ComputerName. the error
was: The network path was not found." after KB925902 was installed on remote

Computer. Event viewer on remote computer still cannot connect even if both
local and remote firewalls are turned off.

- Device Manager - "Unable to access the computer ComputerName The error
was: Access is denied."

- Performance Logs and Alerts - "The version of the operating system on the
computer named COmputerName is later than that on the local computer. This

operation is not available from the local computer."

- at the same time other remote management features, e.g. Disk Management,
Shared Folders, Services etc. still work fine.

That will not happen if you connect to any Windows 2000 SP4 based machine
with applied KB925902. What is the problem? why so many features of remote

management fails after installing the latest critical update to Windows XP
OS family?

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