Re: Latest Security Update (KB935448)

The update for the ANI vulnerability is NOT KB935488, it is
KB925902: MS07-017: Vulnerability in GDI could allow remote code execution

If it's more important for you to be able to play a game then to effectively patch the system, please take it off of the internet and contact the game manufacturer to see if they can assist you with this issue.Thanks.

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Jeff wrote:

Dear Malke, I re-read my post and didn't make myself very clear. The first time, I did the MS Security Update (KB935448) plus the RealTek patch (KB935448) and then the cd game disk wouldn't load so I did a system restore and the cd worked fine so the second time, I just did the MS Security Update (KB935448) without the RealTek patch but the game disk problem came back so I assume my problem is the MS Security Update (KB935448). I uninstalled the MS Security Update (KB935448) and everything except the RealTek thing worked fine. Any ideas? Thanks for helping. Jeff

"Malke" wrote:

Jeff wrote:

Has anybody had the problem with the latest security update (KB935448) in which after installing but before doing the RealTek patch to the patch, that their cd game disk (CIV 3: Conquests) won't load? Mine starts to load then returns to the desktop. I did a system restore before doing the update and reverted back to that and everything is fine so it has to be the security patch (KB935448) that's doing something. Jeff.

Apply the fix that you can find on this MS KB page:

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