Re: Outlook Preview Pane and Virus Attachment Infection

Andy <Andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello, I am in the IT field and I am confused whether previewing an
email can infect you with a virus. I cannot seem to get a clear
answer after talking to 5 different people. Most say you should not
preview messages because it can launch viruses, but my understanding
of attachments does not jive with that concept. I believe previewing
is the same as opening the email. I understand that in order to view
the attachment, you can choose to download and view it, otherwise the
Preview pane will not show the content of the attachment. If the
attachment is a .exe type virus for example, the exe will not run
unless I choose to open it, so how can a preview window launch the
exe? Or perhaps current vectors are more creative and can infect me
in other ways more creative than the just cited simple exe example?
If you view the file, you do not execute the attachment...that has
been my experience. However, if the message itself has embedded code,
then it is a different matter. Am I correct? Please help.


See replies to your other post. I see that you're using the web interface to
the groups, which is pretty clumsy at best. Try using a newsreader client,
such as Forte
Agent, Thunderbird, or even Outlook Express, instead. It's a lot easier to
do nearly everything that way and you won't as often run into problems with
duplicate posting, etc. You can mark messages to be watched, filter the
views so you can see replies to your posts easily, and search.

The Microsoft public news server is and you can
subscribe to as many groups as you like; no authentication is required.

(cribbed shamelessly from a post by Malke Routh)

Here's information on Usenet and using a newsreader: - a brief
explanation of newsgroups
- Set Up Newsreader - list of MS newsgroups - MS group to test if your newsreader is
working properly - how to munge email address - multiposting vs.

Some newsreaders for Windows - for Forte (Thunderbird does newsgroups)