Re: limiting user acounts

LMFC <LMFC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
All of the computers run on windows xp home

Then you can't use group policy, alas.

Perhaps you need to treat this computer as a 'kiosk' machine - may help - and
....or better yet,

Make sure your users do NOT have admin rights.

and I have now idea what
a proxy server is.

Google is your friend :)

is there a phone number i can call to talk to a

What person did you have in mind?

This is not a direct line to MS support - it's a peer newsgroup. If you type
questions in here, people will probably type answers in reply. But these
people are just regular folks who are volunteering their time to try and
help, unless you want to pay someone (including MS) for
consulting/support services, stick to the group. Be patient and polite and
you are sure to get help.

"Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]" wrote:

LMFC <LMFC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I run a POS system on my computer for work. This system requires
the use of the internet. Im having a big problem with employees
using the internet for personal use. How do I set the user
account so it will use the web site for the POS system and this web
site only. And if i can limit all use on user acounts exept
addmistrator acounts that would be geat as well. Please I need help

It would be easiest to do this if you had a proxy server/ISA that
controlled Internet access.
That said, if you don't, mention whether you're using XP Home or Pro
- that makes a huge difference.