RE: Access Denied - Msconfig Startup Changes

Hi Jami...
Mine dod the same thing...I searched all over the net and finally found my
problem and a solution. Mine started AFTER I installed a new Hp All In One
Printer-fax-copier machine.
So, if you installed a new program lately, that may be what's causing your
I was led into the Registry and had to change a value number and now I do
not have that error message pop up. IF this is the case for you too..reply
letting me know and I will post (here) the solution. I would now, but don't
want you to go into registry and do something that is irrevelent to your
issue and mess up your system.

"Jami" wrote:

I made a change to Startup because I orginally contacted Dell because I got
an error message about PCM Service.exe. We decided to disable this in
startup & that's when I got the Access Denied message. But, it made the
change nonetheless.

My only problem with taking to tech shop is there is a 3 yr warranty on
system & that could void the warranty thru Dell.

I just feel there's some little setting that could help instead of
reinstalling Windows XP & having to reinstall all programs, plus backup data.

"nass" wrote:

"Jami" wrote:

I keep getting a message when I try to make changes to "Startup" in Msconfig
that Access Denied & I may need to logon as Administrator. I AM the
ADministrator & only user of personal notebook computer. However, the
changes seem to take effect nonetheless.

Is there anyway to correct this problem of getting this message?

Please help!!!!! I just don't undertand it!!!

Dell suggested reformatting entire hard drive, but I don't understand that.
The changes take effect...there's just some glitch that I get this message.

So why you are trying to adjust or change the setting on the StartUp?.
You could be having a corrupt profile and you need to create a new Profile
with admin privileges and you done.
Also I will make sure this machine is clean from malwares/viruses.

How To Create and Configure User Accounts in Windows XP;en-us;279783

How to Copy User Data to a New User Profile;en-us;811151
Here is a link on how to perform a clean install of XP:
If all the above is too much for you then take the Machine to your local
Tech and they will advise you on what appropriate according to the real