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seree wrote:
Hi Bruce, I really appreciated all you said regarding improperly written programs which do not fair well under the WinXP multiple user accounts with the different levels of permissions. I am having a simular problem with a photo editing program I purchased, "Corel Paint Shop Pro XI" where it refuses to run properly under a Limited Account & is continually attempting to self-install under the Guest Account.

It is throwing out error after error in Event Viewer and the Corel technical department claims "registry permissions is not covered under the warranty". Figures huh? Anyway, do you think the instructions you gave regarding the Quckbooks Pro Program would work with this Corel program too?

They should, although ti sounds like Corel's Tech support isn't going to cooperate and tell you which specific registry keys will need modifications. You may have to experiment a bit.

I really don't want to have to remove it as it is a good photo editing program, but it is a good photo editing program and I paid about a hundred dollars for it. I am not a beginner, but not anywhere near an expert computer user. I have worked in the registry, know how to back it up and merge when needed, so I suppose I am just looking for some reasurrance that this may work. If so, exactly which permissions and in what key do I change to give "full" control to all users, even in the Guest Account?

Impossible for me to say, not having a copy of that specific program to test.

I don't currently have the Guest Account enabled, and really don't intend to, but this program is still attempting to install itself. Do you have any idea if these permissions are changed in the registry if it will finanally finish the install process and stop throwing out all these errors?

Sorry to go on so long, I do tend to chatter too much, but when I read what you wrote it gave me hope you might be able to finally help me fix this problem which Corel refuses to touch, (unless I pay them!). Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer,



Bruce Chambers

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