Re: License problem a year after XP has been installed

Tony wrote:
I don't think any type of installation was performed in the last
month. Is there a log of all installation activity on the PC where I
could see what has been done to it?



"lowellriggsiam@xxxxxxxxxxx" wrote:

It sounds like an "in-place upgrade" was performed in an XP-SP2 OS
using a XP-SP1 installation disk. Restoring the updates never works
properly and the OS seems to believe that it is running "unlicensed"
on a new machine. The only solution I found was to reformat and

I've never found any malware that causes that problem.
I've never found any viruses that causes that problem.
I've never found any spyware that causes that problem.

You can try a restore point to an earlier time, if that fails he
needs to start over.

Go to Shenan's links; you'll be glad you did.