Re: License problem a year after XP has been installed

Tony <Tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm working on an XP/Pro/SP2 system that's been running about a year. This is
not a brandded system, someone buult it for the client about a year ago.

I began doing network maintenance for this client about a month ago. At that
time, I ran Windows update and it installed many updates including the
Windows validation tool. Everything ran properly. Two weeks ago, my client
bought a blackberry type phone and downloaded musinc to it through his PC.

Today I went in to update his PC I found a ton of spyware on his system. The
1st think I did was install Spybot 1.4 and adaware SE. Together, they deleted
about 200 spyware and ran clean. I tried running a Windows update and the
Windows validation tool says it didn't pass the test. i'm sure it ran a month
ago and I asked him for his Windows certificate so I could validate the
Windows number didn't change, but he couldn't find it at that time, but I'm
confident the system passed the test initialliy.

Without waiting for him to find the Windows certificate, what else can I do
to resolve this problem? And if he does produce the certificate, what do I do
it it matches what Windows says?

I never ran into this before.

Is it possible that your client's Windows XP product key has been used
by others to install Windows XP on their computers? Although I have
not seen it or heard about it specifically it is technically possible
for a spyware/trojan to extract the Product Key from the computer and
then "phone home" with the information, where it could then be used
for software piracy. If Microsoft discovers that the same product
key has been used on multiple computer that could lead to that product
key being "blacklisted" by WGA.

Good luck

Ron Martell Duncan B.C. Canada
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