Re: Odd file folder & log file - virus?

kaosmusik wrote:
I just noticed an odd file folder on my 2nd partition (drive E), and
wonder if it is malicious. It has the name d0373a4929ad1ee338... only
1 file there - msxml4-KB927978-enu.log

This .log file is 281 kb, and I've copied the beginning of it below. Is it something I should worry about? I've run latest updates from
Spybot S&D (found TagASaurus spyware, and removed it.). Should I
delete this log file and folder? Or be really worried...? :) >


The folder and its contents comes from Windows Update KB927978 and is legitimate. I don't know why the update leaves this behind but it is perfectly safe for you to delete it or leave it as you desire. It doesn't matter.

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