Re: Cannot login when Authorization Required

OK. I though you may have a problem logging into any website that requires
logon/password and not specific websites. Possibly those website operators
that you are having a problem with can assist you as you are already trying.


"birdiebrain" <birdiebrain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Hi, Steve, thanks for writing. Yes, my time is perfectly set. And I do
automatically clear the cache a couple times a day because I have huge
websites and do a great deal of work online. I am asking the particular
website owners to delete the authorization requirement from their logins
giving them examples of logins which allow MS xp sp2 to enter easily. I
think it is up to them to get with it because most websites allow me to
immediately with my user name and PW. Thanks a lot for writing, tho, I
appreciate your trying to help me. I think the particular website owners
have to re-design their logins to be hospitable to IE users.