Re: Cannot login when Authorization Required

One thing to try is to make sure your Windows time is correct for
year/month/day/time/time zone/AM&PM as secure websites may not allow access
if the time is way off. Another thing to try is to clear all your temp files
and go to tools/internet options/content - clear ssl state.


"birdiebrain" <birdiebrain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello: I tried disabling the XP sp2 firewall, and restarting the computer,
help there. I tried entering the names of the websites in the exceptions,
help...I am trying to log in to websites where I know the user and
but the login screen does not appear, only the message Authorization
Required. Anybody know a way to work around this, please? I can login
to any website that does not have a required authorization. Do I have to
enter the precise program each blocked website is using to generate their
Required Authorization in the exceptions?? Thank you for any help with