Re: Reactivating User Account.

Stevo wrote:
If you go to Start>Control Panel>User Accounts does your second account show
up? If not, it is not thought of as a User Account by Windows. If it is,
see if you can fix your problem from there.

To register with another name with the NY Times, try clearing your cookies
so that they do not remember who you were before. Any programs under the
second user name should be available on the admin account, or, if not, you
can dig around in C:\Program Files\ or C:\Documents and Settings\%the other
account name%\Application Data. You may have to view hidden files in order
to see these.

Good luck and ihth.

Yup there is is Ho Masubi along with a friend's name who helps me with
computers and the perenable New User but only my name shows up on the
log in screen.

The thing is it would be much easyer to answer Ho Masubi's mail under
his name rather then mine. Sure I can go to the web sites and I have
the pass word but the web mail sites will be hard to fine with Hos my
favioites list loaaded. .


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