Re: Can't decrypt crypted files

"4N" <xxxx@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
If you crypted by EFS and you didnt define recovery agent or you havent
got certificates (are created automatically when you crypted first
time) - your data has already lost.

are you sure I can't rename back my folders and use the recovery console
and btw what are EFS and how should have I stored those certificates? and
how an average user should know about it if it isn't written anywhere in
the dialogs of explorer!?
and btw why windows should crypt files using some not know password when
it has username and login password to begin with!?!?!?
I can't believe it!!!


EFS = Encrypted File System.
On command, Windows uses a single key encryption method to perform the
encryption. The person who issued the command must keep a copy of the
encryption certificate because that is the only way to recover the
information. No, Windows does not keep a copy because doing so would render
encryption worthless as a security measure.

The reason that Windows encrypted the files is that someone told it to do
so. That someone should have kept a record of the encryption key.

I don't use this facility because it is too likely that I won't be able to
find my copy of the key when I need it most.