Re: User dies, password lost

JP wrote:

Here is a challenge.
My father died last week.
He has two computers, one a Toshiba notebook, the other a Dell
Desktop. I managed to find his PWD for the Toshiba and hoped it would
be the same for
the Dell, but apparently is not. Drive could hold important
information. How to get into the Dell without the PWD?

Not hard at all.

In XP Home, boot the computer into Safe Mode. Do this by repeatedly
tapping the F8 key as the computer is starting up. This will get you to
the right menu. Navigate using your Up arrow key; the mouse will not
work here. Once in Safe Mode, you will see the normally hidden
Administrator account. The default password is a blank.

In XP Pro, you do not need to go into Safe Mode. At the Welcome Screen,
do Ctrl-Alt-Del twice to get the classic Windows logon box. Type in
"Administrator" and whatever password you assigned when you set up

If you reset the built-in Administrator account's password in Home or
have Pro and don't remember the password, use NTpasswd to change the
built-in Administrator account's password to a blank.

Then go to the User Accounts applet in Control Panel and set passwords
that you will remember and make other desired changes.

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