Re: Is this real? Vista free?

That forum also has a thread that the web site in question now has a
statement that there are no more free gifts available.

"Michael A. Covington" <look@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
|I have no direct knowledge, but it is being discussed (at great length)
| here:
| I don't know what they say about an Internal Revenue form, but DO NOT GIVE
| YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO A STRANGER. If there's a tax form, print
| out and *mail* it to the IRS.
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| >I read on a website supposidly hosted for Microsoft by a company called
| > "Ascentium" that if we register we can receive free licsenced version of
| > Vista Business and Office 2007 if we then take three webcasts per offer
| > and
| > sign up with a Internal Revenue Tax statement to pay gift taxes on
| > Is
| > this for real? If it is I want to participate, but I can't find any
| > reference
| > to this on the Vista Blogs, even in the Press Releases or the Newest
| > postings
| > on the Microsoft Vista blogs. Anybody here know anything about this and
| > it
| > ligitimate? If it is WoW!! But, I am thinking if it sounds too good to
| > true, then it probably is. The site has a certificate authorized by two
| > Microsoft authorizing stations and a Root Authority too, and while there
| > is
| > nothing seemingly wrong with the certificates IE7 shows a yellow icon,
| > while
| > stating they are OK. Please let me know if this is for real as I want to
| > get
| > started on these webcasts if it is and get my free copies. Probably too
| > good
| > to be true! Bummer! Here is the website to this "offer" please check it
| > out
| > and let me know what you experts think.
| >
| > Thanks very much for you attention to this,
| > --
| > Seree