Re: text based fw - using linux like packet filtering

Malke <notreally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I want more detailed control of the firewall and to see all aspects in
a text file I can hand edit. I want to be able to try specific
settings and see the detailed result immediately in a log file.

Anyone here that can point me to a firewall app for windows with at
least most of the characteristics above, please respond.

The firewall issue may not be on the Windows side. To use a Linux
firewall w/Samba - If you do not have WINS on the network, then your
network is relying on broadcasted browser announcements for NetBios
resolution. Configure your firewall to allow NetBios broadcasts, with
UDP and TCP ports 137-139 open. You may also need to set Kerio to allow
this on Windows.

There is no linux firewall involved. If there were I would not have
posted my question. Or at least would have had log info to guide me.

The info you give is appreciated but my problem is not seeing a way to
configure Kerio to allow the ports you mentioned. It should be
covered in the Microsoft file and print sharing (allowed in and out).
I would have thought. But also have allowed all traffic to/from the
specific host where print request would originate.

Killing Kerio on the windows machine stops the problem .. that is
samba traffic then works.

But I'm not after guidance on kerio... I am looking for a text based
firewall for windows.

Do you know of one?