Re: computername\username not wanted in xp pro

<EMERY_BILL@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
have been signing in as owner forever and have had my documents,
desktop etc. just fine. now all of a sudden when i login im loged in as
computername.owner and i have a all new desktop and my documents etc.
is this the result of some automatic update or something ? how can i
get back to just logging in as owner ? i know my desktop and
mydocuments etc are there because i can click on documents and settings
and see just owner and all the folders desktop my documents etc.

A user account and a profile are two different things. An account is an
identity, and has a name and a password. A profile is a folder (located by
default under \documents and settings in Windows XP) containing documents,
desktop icons, user-specific registry and so on for a particular account.

You are still logging in as the same user account, but the something under
the profile folder for that user (under Documents and Settings) apparently
became corrupted. Windows therefore created a new profile for you
automatically, and prefixed it with the computer name to avoid having a
duplicate folder name. If this only happened once, your best bet is to just
copy over your files and settings to the computername.owner folder - see (you don't need to do the part about
creating a new profile in that document- you can keep using your existing

If the profile is repeatedly being corrupted, that is usually an early sign
of a failing hard drive or memory.

Memory diagnostic:
Hard drive diagnostic: (designed for
Maxtor/Quantum hard drives but it will test any manufacturer.)

Colin Nash
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User